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The presentation genius of Steve Jobs

Yes, I’m a Mac user.  Yes, I was (and still am) a fan of the billion dollar hippy that was Steve Jobs, but these facts aside, his prowess as a speaker remains unrivaled in the business world.  Anytime I’m training or advising on how to give better presentations, I use examples from his talks in the same way I name check Obama anytime I talk about Twitter.

This presentation, written by Carmine Gallo, one of Business Week’s talented columnists describes the amazing learning points so well that I recommend you read it – whether you are a seasoned presenter, or nervous public speaker.  Have a look and let me know what you think:



Copy before Design?


Today I met with someone who is commissioning a brand new website for their established business.  Not unusual.  They are getting the copy written first so that the content drives the design of the site.  This is unusual.

In over a decade as a professional copywriter, I can count on one hand the number of clients who have been brave enough to break the mould and let the copy lead the way for their website.  Why is this the minority path when the mantra of “content is king” is sung from the hymn-sheet of every digital agency in the country? I argue that copy first should become best practice. No more Lorem ipsum, give the words the weight they deserve.

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