Brand Voice Workshop

What does your brand sound like?  We can all think of companies with a strong tone of voice – it’s like reading a celebrity’s autobiography and hearing their voice in your head! I’ve developed a brand voice workshop to help new and existing companies find their voice and help them be heard over their competitors.

Our Tone of Voice Workshop has 5 parts:

  1. Pre Workshop: Questionnaire
    I will pass you a short survey for the workshop attendees to complete.  This information helps me to build a bank of research including your local and National competitors, relevant industry and awards bodies, and brands that you admire.
  2. Pre Workshop: Copy Research
    I will gather some examples of recent copy from you, in order to establish what you like and don’t like about your current tone and content. Then, I carry out research into your competitors’ copy and prepare it all to go through in the workshop.
  3. Workshop
    We will work through your current brand identity (vision, mission, and values), customer profiles, future targets, marketing channels, and best (or worst) performing content.  This will lead us to establish the brand voice using a mix of activities and guided conversations across 3 hours.
  4. Post Workshop: Brand Voice Guide Creation
    After the workshop, I will draw up a brand voice guide including definitions and guidelines that you can use internally.  There is no point in creating a folder that will sit on a shelf, so the output will be visual, actionable, and accessible at a glance.  The guide will include information on: Attitude (Register), Vocabulary, and Grammar.
  5. Post Workshop: Copy Creation
    I will create copy as defined as important by the stakeholders e.g. customer introduction emails, ‘about us’ copy for a standard tender, and/or the new website about us page.  I recommend choosing a variety of contexts in order to gather as wide a range of examples as possible.

    Your brand voice will vary depending on these circumstances so it is important to build a wide bank of copy to help your staff meet your brand guidelines easily in the future.

To find out more about this or any of our workshops, get in touch.