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Make your main thing the main thing

Firstly, a confession – my name’s Jill and I am a compulsive reader. I read everything, from every piece of junk mail that clears my doorstep, to the instructions (and warranty small print) for the new kettle I’m setting up. Reading relaxes me. I read all day, from online articles to text books to novels. I read for relaxation and inspiration.

Right now I’m re-reading (I do that a lot too) The Innocent smoothie team’s business book ‘innocent – our story and some things we’ve learned’. It resonates with me as a lot of the beliefs they hold about the way a business should be run are my beliefs. I like their approach and honesty and I highly recommend the book whether you’re a small business owner looking to grow, or you’ve just got a crazy idea about a new venture! Continue reading Make your main thing the main thing

When words speak louder than pictures

I’m a big fan of the Google Doodle – unashamedly making it a regular part of my morning routine.  Not only do I appreciate the amazing graphic skills of that team, it also lets me know of any special events I should be aware of…that and

Today it was the anniversary of the evacuation and liberation of Auschwitz.  I waited with bated breath to see how the Google logo would be redesigned to remember the Holocaust…all I have to say is – well done Google for being respectful and knowing when words speak louder: