Copywriting Services

Web Content writing

I am a web copywriter and I like big words. Sesquipedalian – there, I’ve said it. I do realise, however, that with website copywriting you get around 4 seconds to make an impression and making clients read reams of text is not the way to do it.

I have run a successful online marketing business for several years. I’ve even won awards for the accessibility of my website content. I’ve worked as a Web journalist and Online Copywriter since I graduated from university. Let me help your website shine in the murky depths of Google with my proven SEO copywriting – please?


You know you need a blog.  Content is king, fresh content is best; it’s just that you don’t have the time and you can’t think of the topics…right?  Well, I write regular articles for some of Scotland’s biggest businesses – taking away the pain and letting them have the glory.

Social Media Management

It doesn’t have to be confusing, or time consuming. I have designed and led training courses in Social Media for the last 8 years. I set up, maintain and manage Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn accounts and more for businesses and individuals. Let me take care of your online reputation.

Advertising Copwriting

In business we love a good cliché to help us ‘boost the bottom line’, ‘build our brand’ and ‘attract more visitors’. Customers won’t ‘know you from Adam’ if you ‘use the same old lines’ as your competitors, so hire me.

I’ll give your site and publicity original text written in a tone that suits your company’s personality. Good copy is concise, clever writing that makes a lasting impression.

Proofreading and editing

When you’re pulling together content from multiple sources it can become…let’s be polite and say muddled. I can take content from multiple sources and create a consistent style and tone of voice. I also offer proofreading of essays, presentations, whitepapers and more. If you need a second opinion, you only have to ask.