Copywriting Terms of Service

These are the Terms & Conditions of my copywriting service.  ‘The copywriter’, ‘she’ or ‘her’ refers to Jill Glen. ‘The Client’ refers to you, the client.

  1. The Copywriter will provide The Client with an outline of the project goals, requirements, and time-frame for competition.
  2. The Client will agree to the project outputs and what will be considered as the competition of the project.
  3. The Copywriter retains the copyright of all work produced until the final invoice is paid, then copyright passes to The Client.
  4. Jill Glen can use examples from the copy and a link to the completed project as part of her online portfolio, for self-promotion purposes only – please let her know if you would not like to be included in her portfolio.
  5. While The Copywriter will take every precaution to avoid errors, misrepresentations and other inaccuracies, the final responsibility for published material belongs with The Client.
  6. The Copywriter cannot be held liable by The Client or any third party for any damages arising regarding the copy once it has been approved by The Client.
  7. All work will be delivered as a Microsoft Word document, unless otherwise specified.
  8. While The Copywriter will always aim for copy produced to achieve the goals requested by the client, Jill Glen cannot guarantee any specific results from its use.
  9. All information provided to The Copywriter by The Client will be treated as confidential during the period of working together.
  10. The Client will review drafts and completed work and give feedback as soon as possible.  If feedback is not received within 14 days of The Client being sent the work, it will be considered as accepted, and the remaining balance will be invoiced.
  11. Each project assumes 2 rounds of revisions and changes based on client feedback.  Additional rewrites can be made at a fee.
  12. When the final draft and invoice have been submitted to the client, Jill Glen cannot be held responsible for any errors in the final version.
  13. The Copywriter cannot be held responsible for deadlines missed due to circumstances beyond her control.
  14. Unless agreed otherwise by The Copywriter and The Client, work will begin once the initial deposit has been paid.
  15. The Client may terminate the job at any time, and in this case, The Copywriter will invoice for the time spent and work completed to date.
  16. The Copywriter reserves the right to charge interest on invoice payments that are overdue by more than 5 working days. Interest will be charged in line with the UK Government’s Better Payment Practice Code.