You’re ‘on Twitter’ now what?

You know that Twitter’s the place to be, it’s where your competitors are and it’s where your customers are.  So you’ve set up a profile, but despite checking every few minutes, it’s not generated you millions of pounds yet…shocking right?

Not really, setting up a username is only the first step.  Here are my top tips for boosting your Twitter following and making it more than just a thing you do ‘because you should’.

1. Fill out your profile
You’d think it was common sense but it’s more of a common mistake – fill out all of the fields fully, and keep them up to date.

2. Follow some people that interest you
Find the influencers from your industry, and the big names in the topics you care about.  Follow what they say, engage with them, and increase the chances they’ll follow you back.

3. Follow the hashtags and trends
Monitor what people are talking about in your industry, and geographic area and get involved.

4. Offer value
Quality over quantity every time with every social media channel.  Twitter is a place to offer content that people care about – not to shout about how great you are.

5. Tell people you’re on Twitter
Your customers and suppliers and friends and family…no one will know your Twitter handle unless you tell them!  Add it to your website, email signature, business card, presentation slides, posters, menus etc etc. everywhere!

Need a bit more help?  I offer online and onsite social media training together with the lovely girls over at Ignite eLearning.  Get in touch to find out more.